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The challenge facing most businesses is how to find and take advantage of what is out there. Most business owners receive financing through banking institutions. However, funding resources are available to SMEs (small-and-medium size businesses) from the provincial and federal levels of government and each year there are numerous funding programs available for SMEs to benefit from.

A large number of Canadian entrepreneurs indicate “obtain financing” as an obstacle to growth. The challenge facing most businesses is how to find and take advantage of what is out there from the government budgets. Every year, both levels of government instituted a budget that includes various funding programs that can help small companies tackle financing barriers so they can achieve growth and prosper. Whether the requirement is working capital, expanding the business, technology investment or purchasing equipment, there are many creative ways to approach government financing to solve these challenges.

Crowe BGK GTC Solutions was created as a separate division of Crowe BGK in 2011 to offer expert consulting services with a focus on obtaining various tax credits and government grants to SMEs operating in various industries such as apparel and fashion, IT and telecommunications, manufacturing, distribution, gaming as well as interactive and E-commerce solutions.

Since its inception, Crowe BGK GTC Solutions has shown double digit growth by combining its expertise in these programs and its ability to guide clients in identifying opportunities and applying for grants and tax credits programs. Leveraging its extensive knowledge in the field, Crowe BGK GTC Solutions has successfully assisted many clients optimizing the benefits of these programs while minimizing the involvement of business owners – who are often too busy running their daily operations- in the process. Crowe BGK GTC Solutions advocates a full-service approach, from project assessment, analysis, write-ups to preparing claims and defending audits in order to ensure that the client will benefit the most from these programs.

Here are some examples of the government incentive programs that we specialize in:

  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credits or SR&ED (Federal and provincial across Canada)
  • National Research Council grant programs: IRAP, RDA, NSERC
  • Federal Economic Development Agencies (Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and Western Canada)
  • Interactive media tax credits (video games, gaming and digital media)
  • Export Development grants (Ontario and Quebec)
  • Emploi-Quebec grants
  • Design tax credits (fashion, furniture, graphic and industrial design)
  • Canada Job grants
  • Films, television and book publishing tax credits
  • And many other provincial and federal programs

The professional staff of Crowe BGK GTC Solutions are well-versed in the field of government grants and tax credits and are fully bilingual. Their vast knowledge of the many Federal and Provincial programs from Coast to Coast, combined with their ability to properly assess the financing needs and successfully secure funding for their clients have enabled Crowe BGK GTC Solutions to earn an excellent reputation among Canadian SMEs.

For more information about the government incentive programs, please contact John Hosi at the direct line (514) 905-1227, or by e-mail


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