Services: Dispute Resolution

In business disputes, legal action can often be averted. Crowe BGK provides dispute resolution mechanisms outside the courtroom for these shareholder and business partner matters. Litigation is a time consuming, expensive and public way to resolve disputes. What seems like a small matter for the courts can drag on for many years and result in unlimited costs, with the business being irreparably damaged in the process

Our specialists can assist in resolving these issues and keep partner conflicts out of a courtroom. We act as a neutral party, hired by both sides to help resolve differences in a fair, cost effective way. Information is gathered from all parties involved in order to prepare our analysis of business value. We then meet with the parties involved to reach an agreement on the information and assumptions to be used to value the business. Once we reach an understanding, we calculate value using the data all parties have agreed upon. The result is an accurate, honest business valuation.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the value of the business interest in dispute
  • Suggested structure of payout based upon the company’s cash flow and ability to obtain financing.
  • Determination of appropriate discounts (if any) related to a particular business interest
  • Determination of market compensation for owner-employees

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