Newsletters: November 2014 – People Edition

Date: November, 2014


Effective November 2014, Louis Ruta CPA, CA has chosen to step down as Managing Partner at Bessner Gallay Kreisman to continue his partner role at the firm. We are pleased to announce that Brian Kreisman, CPA, CA, CA-IFA, CFE, CFF has taken on the role of Managing Partner. In this issue of News & Views both Louis and Brian share a few thoughts with you. In addition, we are happy to announce recent staff promotions and achievements.


Louis RutaCPA, CA

It has been a rewarding ten years as Managing Partner at BGK and I certainly could not have achieved what we did without the support and cooperation of my family, partners and staff. 2014 marks 25 years that I have been with the firm and the term family certainly applies to this amazing organization as the firm became my second family, after my wife and three children at home. The opportunities we were given and the decisions we made over the ten years have seen the firm double in size, move to a new location in Montreal, extend our practice to Ottawa, negotiate successful mergers, and diversify our practice to include niche services such as M&A, Research and Development Tax Credits and Government Grants, Information Technology and Eldercare Strategic Services.

Since my early days at BGK I always had the sense that the managing partner cared. I hope during my tenure of ten years my partners, staff and clients feel the same.

It has been a great ride and it is my pleasure to pass the torch to Brian. I have spent the last two years working with Brian by my side to ensure he does not walk in blindly to the managing partner role. He has gradually gone from a spectator to being the leading voice of the firm and I am confident he has all the tools in place to take our firm to a new level. I look forward to standing behind him and supporting him as he commences his managing partner journey. I know the firm is in safe hands and that with Brian at the helm we will have many future successes to embrace. Brian and I share the core firm values: people, integrity, service excellence and respect. This is a solid footing for Brian to take his first steps as managing partner. Best of luck, Brian, enjoy the journey and above all have fun!

My decision to step down as the managing partner was not an easy one to make. Looking forward, I plan to continue as a member of the Management Committee and to support the firm in its strategic growth plans. I have committed to use the extra time I will now have available to continue to service my existing clients as well as to expand my efforts to develop new business opportunities in both the local market and the International arena. I will help the firm become more global as it plans to expand its horizons through its new membership in Crowe Horwath International. As such, I am taking on the new role of International Liaison Partner (ILP). Part of this function will be to help the firm obtain new international clients, including foreign companies with local and Canadian subsidiaries, as well as to represent foreign entities expanding in the Canadian market and help them to efficiently structure their operations in Canada.

I am looking forward to this new challenge with my usual focused and passionate approach.


Brian KreismanCPA, CA, CA-IFA, CFE, CFF

I am probably one of a few Generation Xers who have spent their entire career at one firm. This has given me the privilege to have a keen awareness of the generations before me (The Baby Boomers and Traditionalists), while also having a pulse on my generation and the Millennials. To try and manage the generation gaps, we now call ourselves Generation BGK. High on my agenda as Managing Partner will be managing the generational differences at our firm. I firmly believe this can be achieved by addressing and taking advantage of the differences in values and expectations of each generation.

I had the rare privilege of spending the first half of my career under the leadership of my father, Abbey Kreisman, who served as managing partner from 1987-2004. These were formative years for me, shaping much of whom I have become professionally. I thank him for that, as part of my success I owe to him, both as a father and an exemplary leader of this firm. The remainder of my career has been under the leadership of Louis Ruta as Managing Partner. If I can achieve half of what he did, I will consider my role as managing partner a success. I look forward to my turn to guide the firm for more growth and success in the coming years. BGK is nearly 65 years strong and it is an honour and privilege that the partners have entrusted me to lead the firm. I am not doing this alone, as I know it was teamwork that put us on the map 65 years ago and will keep us on the map for many years to come. In the past two years Louis has helped me develop a comprehensive vision of our practice and the requirements to successfully lead the firm. I look forward to creating a vision for 2015-2020 that will bring great successes for our clients, staff, partnership and firm.

Promotions and New Addition

We are pleased to announce the following individuals have been promoted to Manager: Amanda Cappiello, CPA, CA and Loren Krolik, CPA, CA. We are very proud to have such outstanding employees as part of our firm. They embrace our firm mission and philosophy and by them joining our existing group of managers further strengthen the promising future of BGK. We also wish to welcome on board as Manager experienced practitioner Michael Arcaro, CPA, CA. Our clients and staff will be able to benefit from his skill set and talent.


Amanda CappielloCPA, CA


Loren KrolikCPA, CA


Michael ArcaroCPA, CA


2014 has brought a list of achievements to the BGK community, and it is with great pride that we share these with our readers.



Mathieu OuelletteCPA, CA, LL.M Tax


Jennifer WarnerLL.B, LL.M Tax

Mathieu Ouellette, Tax Partner and Jennifer Warner, Tax Advisor, have co-authored an article published in the February issue of the Canadian Tax Journal. The first article, entitled Estate Planning: US-Resident Beneficiaries of Canadian Estate – Part 1 is an exploration of the complex cross-border issues involved in an estate with Canadian and U.S. residency issues, as well as the tax planning opportunities involved to minimize tax in such circumstances. The second article is expected in the December edition of the Canadian Tax Journal. The publication of these articles is yet another achievement for them as they continue to take the lead in the field of Canada-U.S. taxation matters.



Martin-Karl BourbonnaisLL.B, LL.M Tax

Martin-Karl Bourbonnais, also a member of our Tax Group, has authored two articles published in the February and September 2014 editions of the Association de Planification Fiscale et Financière Magazine. The articles, one entitled Application de la TPS/TVH et de la TVQ aux Régimes de Pension highlights recent changes to the federal and provincial sales taxation regimes and the difficulties that business owners might face in collecting and remitting such taxes. The other article, Gare aux pénalités au moment de produire un formulaire de déclaration étrangère (was published in the September 2014, Volume 19, Numéro 4 edition, in French), highlights the numerous legislative and administrative changes by the Canadian government to battle the problem of tax evasion. Martin-Karl is quickly defining himself as a tax commodity expert within our firm.

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