Industries: Transportation

Crowe BGK has been providing tax, accounting, and business planning services to clients in trucking, freight consolidation, and distribution and brokerage. With a proven track record, we can aid you in dealing with the tax and accounting complexities specific to the interprovincial and international transport of goods.

What can we do for you?

  • Lease versus buy analysis for acquisition of capital assets
  • Facilitation of obtaining debt financing to fund operations and capital assets purchases
  • Calculation of the cost of borrowing for multiple financing options
  • Analytics to determine profitability by branch or by customer
  • Guidance for compliance with complex sales tax rules

Did you know?

  • Fuel costs are eligible for input tax refunds only if the road vehicle meets certain criteria
  • The reimbursement of employee expenses may not be eligible for input tax credits and input tax refunds

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