Industries: Real Estate & Construction

Crowe BGK has earned a solid reputation for dealing with real estate owners, developers, contractors and investors in Canada and abroad. Our clients are involved in various real estate and construction projects including commercial, residential and recreational. Our real estate professionals will add value to your team by understanding the complexities, offering insights into trends and best practices as well as mitigating potential risks.

What can we do for you?

  • Project analysis including cash flow and capitalization rate forecasting
  • Facilitation of and tax planning for cross border transactions
  • Support to introduce or alter partnership agreements
  • Optimization of corporate structure and preparation of reorganizations
  • Aid in the calculation and determination of work in process
  • Preparation of supporting documents to help obtain financing

Did you know?

  • Construction companies making use of subcontractors are liable to file an information return with the federal government
  • Companies who are constructing residential real estate properties are eligible for a sales tax rebate
  • Preferred capitalization rates vary depending if the project is residential or commercial


From the real-estate-construction Practice

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