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Writing and passing the UFE (now known as CFE) is a big deal. The CPA represents the final step in years of endless hours of studying to achieve your goal of becoming a CPA. Getting to the CPA exam and passing the exam can be exciting, but it can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. The lead-up and preparation to the CPA exam is key to succeeding. The CPA exam is not a sprint; it’s not even a marathon. The CPA exam is an academic decathlon. It tests you on everything you’ve learned up until now. A successful candidate will need to embrace both their strengths and weaknesses and build on them one day at a time.

My CPA exam experience was very positively affected by Crowe BGK.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to gain work experience at Crowe BGK before I wrote the exam. This experience provided me with a foundation for the whole exam process.  Crowe BGK allowed me to be actively involved on many mandates which gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in real world situations. When it came time to write the exam I was able to apply what I learned in the field to the exam questions. Crowe BGK provided me with a flexible schedule so I could focus on studying and also provided group and personal tutorials to master the CPA exam writing process.


Making it to the CPA exam is a long, stressful and exhausting path. Looking back, if I could give myself advice to better cope, I would tell myself these three things: calm down, be confident and don’t overthink anything! Making it to the CPA exam is a big deal. You study for years to get to the exam, and you are there, it can and will be overwhelming. The pressure is on. I did not succeed on my first try, I felt defeated and as if I wasn’t good enough. It took a year of pep-talks from many of the amazing and supporting people in my life, as well as a ton of self-motivation to get myself back to the point where I was ready to give it another shot. I surrounded myself with positive people, a good study group and support system at Crowe BGK. I changed my state of mind, and to this day I truly believe that this is what made me pass that exam. Studying doesn’t hurt, but half of the battle is mental. After finally seeing “Congratulations, you passed!” I felt a huge weight had lifted. I passed what I thought was an impossible exam. I realized everyone is in the same position. Every single person writing the exam is just like you, they have spent hours upon hours preparing, so why feel like you can’t do it?  The key is to emotionally prepare yourself for the exam. Relax, stay focused, and if you feel like giving up take a minute to give yourself a pep talk and just keep going! YOU ARE READY AND YOU CAN DO THIS!

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