Careers: Our CFE secret weapon

Training and Development at Crowe BGK

Approach to the Common Final Examination (CFE)

At Crowe BGK, we take great pride in supporting our students so they may excel at the CFE examination. Our approach to the CFE is individualized to ensure each candidate receives the support and coaching they need to be successful in passing the CFE exam. Our approach includes the following:

  • CFE Mentoring Program

    Crowe BGK pairs up successful CFE writers with CFE candidates to provide them with guidance, encouragement and support throughout the CFE summer to help the candidates develop the confidence and soft skills necessary to be a successful CFE writer.

  • Individualized Attention and Coaching

    CFE coaching and support is provided on a one-on-one basis to address individual strengths and weaknesses. Our coaching compliments the coaching received in the CPA program at university or the national program offered by the Order.

  • Group Coaching

    Group coaching is provided throughout the summer for exam debriefing and review of exam writing strategies. The sessions take place after all students have written the same exam questions and have been graded by our coach (an experienced grader) providing individual feedback. These group sessions, moderated by our coach, provide an opportunity to review performance and highlight best practices regarding technical content and exam writing techniques as well as to get support and encouragement from your peers and the firm.

  • Peer support

    Crowe BGK staff members offer assistance to students throughout their studies. This can include case grading, review of subject matter covered in courses and exam materials, and advice and support from more experienced staff. In the past, peer support has included weekend group tutorials before exams, and individualized tutoring sessions for students having difficulties with specific subjects.

Training program

Crowe BGK’s training and coaching program aims to build on and complement the CPA programs offered through universities, as well as the national program offered by the CPA order. We offer both personal on-the- job training and professional technical training on an on-going basis.

The trainers keep current on each student’s course of study, and they work to develop an individualized approach to best meet the student’s needs. Our study leave is flexible to each student and their school’s individualized requirements.

For students in the national program, we ensure that they are exposed to the subject matter being covered in each module. We are available to answer questions and provide academic and exam writing support.

At Crowe BGK we work together as a team to ensure each student achieves success. Our program has evolved over time. As a result, we have enjoyed a near-perfect pass rate at the CFE (formerly UFE) in the last five years.