Careers: Hear From Your Peers

Gian Luca Buffone:

I spent two summers working at Crowe BGK before being picked up as part of the permanent staff. Excelling as a temporary employee did not simply compliment my studies, it completed them. Working at Crowe BGK for two summers gave me the opportunity to develop my critical thinking skills to an extent theoretical study never could. When I started, I was told that the core values here at Crowe BGK are people, integrity, service excellence, and respect. I quickly found out that, even in that short list, people come above all else for a whole host of reasons. Mainly though, it’s the firm’s focus on professional guidance that check the rest of the boxes off.

Camille Sauvageau:

I was hired as junior auditor in January of 2017 after meeting part of the Crowe BGK team at a university recruitment event. The training process was unlike most jobs. Instead of a short training period, I’ve gone through continuous training learning new technical skills since my first day. The senior staff respect the extensive training process because they’ve gone through it just as I am now. I appreciate the diversity of responsibilities I’m given because I know it will round out my expertise in the long-term. At the same time, I’m able to work in a wide range of industries which keeps things fresh. That’s because, in short, different clients have different issues which require different solutions.

Luigi Trombino:

The community here is what makes Crowe BGK such an incredible place for young professionals to break into the industry. The open-door policy for managers and partners, as well as the handbook breakfasts and continuous training process, made it really easy to integrate myself into the team. I got the offer to join the permanent staff after a season as tax temp. I put a lot of effort into producing the best work I could. They noticed my commitment and rewarded me for it. What sets us apart from other firms is not only our business culture, but the diversity of our clientele. Crowe BGK professionals work on files from A to Z which lets us develop solid relationships with our well-rounded clientele.

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