Careers: Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do we hire?

Usually four to six students per year, based on the firm’s workload and needs. We are always looking for solid and bright candidates.

What are the advantages of working for a medium-sized firm?

Crowe BGK provides more diverse work and different industries than most firms. As a student or new hire, you will get into the field faster, and get to work with all levels of professionals and clients and develop strong relationships with them.

How long before a new student or hire does fieldwork?

A new student or hire at Crowe BGK may be sent into the field immediately.  If that is the case, you will be paired with an experienced staff member that will take the time to train and guide you.

What types of clients does Crowe BGK have?

Crowe BGK has clients in all industries, with a solid client base in real estate, construction and manufacturing to name a few.

What kinds of Career Paths are available at Crowe BGK?

At Crowe BGK, we do not have a fixed period per position.  Promotions and career paths are based on the employee’s abilities, competencies, and performance evaluations.

What are the Career Levels at the firm?

The career levels are Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Supervisor, Manager, Senior Manager and Partner.

Does Crowe BGK provide training?

Crowe BGK is pleased to be able to offer a considerable amount of training for students, employees, and even managers and partners. There is a training committee that oversees all training activities. These activities may be on-the-job as well as more formalized activities. New staff have one week of training in a classroom environment. There are also firm wide handbook breakfasts with partners in attendance where staff of all levels have the opportunity to hear first-hand input from partners.

All levels of employees benefit from refresher sessions designed to foster life-long professional learning.

What is Crowe BGK’s involvement in the community?

Crowe BGK is proud to be very involved in the community. We work with the Summit School, employing challenged individuals at the firm. We donate to a wide variety of local and national charities, and have team participation in notable fundraising events. Our partners and staff have participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, The Hockey de Rue event to benefit the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, and several fundraising golf tournaments.

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