Blog: 2018 Automobile Deduction Amounts

March 9th, 2018

The income tax deduction limits and expense benefit rates for 2018 are as follows:

  • 55 cents/km for the first 5,000 km and 49 cents/km for each kilometer over 5,000 for tax-exempt allowances paid to the employee (one cent ($0.01) higher than for 2017); 
  • 26 cents/km (23 cents/km for the automobile leasing and retail businesses) taxable benefit for the operating expense costs reimbursed to an employee (one cent ($0.01) higher than for 2017); 
  • $30,000 (plus GST-QST) is the capital cost limit for passenger vehicles (same as in 2017);
  • $300 is the monthly interest deduction limit on a loan used to buy an automobile (same as in 2017);
  • $800 (plus GST-QST) per month is the deduction limit on an automobile leasing costs (same as in 2017).


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Daniel A. Brisebois, LL.B., D.D.N, M.Fisc., is a Tax Specialist at Crowe BGK

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